Brian Ruddle

Brian Ruddle

Brian has extensive knowledge and expertise in the establishment of start-up companies, technology commercialisation and innovation management.

He has held CEO or board positions for a number of start-up companies and has been involved in raising seed rounds from venture capital, angel and high net worth investors.

Brian also works extensively with medium sized, through to multinational companies to develop and strengthen innovation management systems that are designed to drive innovation adoption and the commercialisation of new products and services.

As the Managing Director of the Impact Innovation Group, Brian provides specialist advice in:

  • Innovation strategy and portfolio management
  • New product and service development and commercialisation pathways
  • Technology commercialisation and partnerships
  • Start-up company capital raising
  • Business planning and strategy assistance
  • Interim leadership and management for early stage companies

Brian brings a unique background to technology commercialisation and innovation management activities through his extensive understanding of R&D, technology dissemination and early stage company management across a broad range of sectors.