Bernadette Hyland

Bernadette Hyland

Bernadette has over 20 years experience as a serial software entrepreneur. Her expertise is in data intensive solutions for financial services, healthcare and federal governments in Australia & the U.S.


Bernadette led the growth of three successful tech startups including Plugged In Software Pty Ltd, Tucana Technologies, (acquired by Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems 2005), and 3 Round Stones Inc. Previously, she served as a systems manager at Goldman Sachs in New York and Tokyo.


She authored over a dozen peer reviewed book chapters, W3C Recommendations and best practices related to the use of open data. Bernadette speaks regularly at national and international fora on digital innovation and entrepreneurship.


Bernadette is currently pursuing her PhD on the politics of open data and climate change at the University of Queensland School of Political Science and International Studies.


Expertise: Cloud computing, enterprise information management, Web Data Exchange Standards, Open Data, Linked Data, Open Source, Lean Startup, Agile programming, STEM education & robotics mentoring.


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