Hyra IQ

Hyra IQ

Alastair Blenkin, Blenktech - cropA business tool for efficient, autonomous and accurate contract negotiation using Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Hyra IQ was borne out of a real-world problem: two lawyers spending day and night locked up in an office tower high volume property contracting. Dissatisfied by the repetitive and endless flow of “grunt work”, we’ve set out to fix the underlying problem by developing a software platform that empowers institutional corporates and their lawyers to automate high-volume contract negotiation. Our product revolutionises the contracting process by radically accelerating the time taken for parties to reach agreement whilst simultaneously improving outcomes, reducing costs and mitigating risk

Sept. 2017: Hyra IQ (formerly known as Blenktech) takes out People’s Choice award in the Westpac Innovation Challenge

August 20, 2017