Our Top 10 Tweetworthy Moments from the G10 Bootcamp Weekend

Our Top 10 Tweetworthy Moments from the G10 Bootcamp Weekend



As you’d expect, when you’ve got a whole bunch of super inspiring and interesting people all in a room together, you’re going to get some great one-liners.



So these were our top 10 tweetworthy AKA quote-worthy moments from the G10 Bootcamp Weekend:

1. Plan to be in there for the long-term – don’t start up something with the idea of selling it in 24 months time – Alborz Fallah

2. “If you think FunnyComp isn’t a joke, accept us in to Germinate” #classic #ilabuq #pitchpuns #pitchperfect #startups #startupaus

3. “Focus on your vision & why you’re here. If you do that, then everything will follow.” – Brad Parsons, @IndustryIOT #startupadvice #startup

4. “Know your value & value ur time. Put an hourly rate on your time so you can measure what’s important” – @Christopher_87 #startupadvice

5. “Hustle. Push Through. Take advice & adapt but also remember to not completely give urself away. Keep ur identity strong” – Yuma, @_OSeyeris

6. ‘When stuff goes wrong, small wins make all the difference’ – Jake, @_OSeyeris #ilabuq #uqgamechangers #startuplife #startupchats

7. “You could have the best product in the world, but if you can’t market it, you can’t sell it” – @alenarinke @MicrobaOz #ilabUQ #startupchats

8. “The modern way of selling is through thought leadership and giving”. @ebanescott @WorkingMouse_

9. Why do #startups fail? 1. Reason? No market fit #flearn #startupchats w/ @timkastelle #LeanStartUp #ilabuq CC @uqbs

10. .@ebanescott “Don’t bother with investors too early. #Bootstrap.” Only look for investment once you have traction #UQgamechangers #ilabUQ #startups


Have you got any #startuplife tweetworthy gems out there?



Share them with us! #ilabUQ