MentorBlaze 7 is on again

MentorBlaze 7 is on again

 “The entrepreneurs are amazing. Their creativity, courage, and energy must surely be the foundation for the future of Australia in a globalised word.” MentorBlaze Mentor 2015

MentorBlaze 7 – 600 Mentor Sessions in 2 hours across 8 Queensland Cities – 4pm Wednesday, 5th October 2016

Mentoring is a critical part of a startup founder’s journey.  With expert mentors, new founders can access years of experience to help them effectively navigate their early startup challenges.

MentorBlaze is an event that speeds up that mentor effect by coordinating 600 mentor sessions across multiple sites all in one two-hour event.  It allows new founders to quickly get multiple perspectives at once.

MentorBlaze is an incredibly intense sharing of ideas.  It is high energy and fast paced as founders and mentors strive to convey as much information and feedback as possible.

“It was great to pitch ideas to a diverse group, test the veracity, crystallise your thinking all in an environment where many have been there and done that!! Just a great way to kick start your startup journey. Girish Hebbani”

How does it work?

The MentorBlaze format allows founders to engage with multiple mentors in fast paced 20 minute sessions, all in one place, all at the one time.  The mentors are successful entrepreneurs and founders, investors, experienced executives, startup technologists, designers and expert IP, tax and legal service providers.

ilab held its first MentorBlaze in 2013 and has since reached out across the state to promote and coordinate MentorBlaze as a key event on the startup calendar.  Eight startup groups across Queensland are participating in this 7th edition – Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Brisbane.  It is an excellent opportunity for new founders to also experience their local startup communities, often for the first time.

“The event has performed way above my expectations. The mentors were extremely open and helpful with their advice, and the event was well organised. I would suggest this event to any current or soon-to-be startup founders.” – Khoi Phan


Is it for me?

Attendees can come from all walks of life.  Students, ‘Boomerpreneurs’, researchers, early founders, small business owners looking to scale, corporate executives looking to step off the ladder into startup world.  Essentially anyone with an idea who is looking to roadtest their thinking about how to make that idea into a business that impacts the world

How do you know you are solving a real problem?  What makes a good co-founder? Should you be looking for investment yet? How can you bootstrap your new business? Should you protect your idea? How can you prioritorise all of the competing challenges?  How can I get better market traction?  These are all types of questions relevant to MentorBlaze.

Mentors are also typically well connected themselves and can provide founders warm introductions to relevant folk in their own networks.  These may be contacts already in the startup’s industry, who may be a potential early stage customer or who may be a good go to market partner.

“Every Start-up should take advantage of ilab Mentor Blaze! I spent time with four great mentors from diverse backgrounds and came away with many ideas to further progress my business and some great referrals as well.” Anne-Marie Walton,

and check out more MentorBlaze videos at MentorBlaze YouTube Channel

Benefits to Mentors

For mentors, the event is highly organised and allows them to engage with six startups in a short two-hour time period.  It is very satisfying to be able to provide so much feedback in such a short amount of time and mentors come away highly energised from the experience.  It is also a great opportunity to meet colleagues and other mentors who are also giving up their time to assist the startup ecosystem.

 “Helping startups is the future for business growth and employment in Australia.”

“Mentor Blaze is like receiving a transfusion of pure enthusiasm”

How to Register

To register at any of these Queensland sites, go to  To register directly for Brisbane event, then register at MentorBlaze7 Brisbane EventBrite


Germinate 9 Accelerator opening soon!!

As FYI – ilab Germinate 9 Accelerator will be opening soon – Dec16 to March17