Simon Hackett drops in to ilab

Simon Hackett drops in to ilab

Redflow (ilab circa 2005) meets Redback Technologies (ilab 2015)!

ilab was delighted to host Simon Hackett, Chair of Redflow, for a drop in visit with Phil Livingston, CEO of current ilab incubate company Redback Technologies. Simon is a current investor in, and Chairman of Redflow He is also a Director of Australia’s NBN, founder of ISP Internode and a major influencer of the Australia internet tech scene over the past two decades.

Renewable energy storage is an exploding global marketplace and ilab is extremely pleased to be able to play a role, both past and present, with these two exciting Queensland-based players.

(It is also not true that ilab only accepts companies with renewable energy opportunities so long as their names start with Red..)

Thanks Simon and Phil.