Rumbl founder wins The Australian Innovation Challenge – Young Innovator Award

Rumbl founder wins The Australian Innovation Challenge – Young Innovator Award

Massive congratulations to Monica Davis from all ilab staff and past ilab founders.  Monica is the founder of Rumbl and now the winner of  The Australian Innovation Challenge – Young Innovator national award!

Monica Davis at Germinate 6 Investor Pitch Night

Monica Davis at ilab’s Germinate 6 Investor Pitch Night

Rumbl is a system and mobile app that connects ­retail outlets who have surplus food with customers. Rumbl is designed to deliver food to those in need while cutting the volume of waste going to landfill.

Monica’s story is a fascinating one.  As a marketing student at The University of Queensland, she entered the 2014 UQ IDEA Network’s Pitch Competition sponsored by ilab with here vision to decrease the world’s waste of good food.  Success there gave her automatic entry into ilab’s bootcamp where she successfully gained entry into the ilab’s 6th Germinate program.  She accessed mentors, professional networks, entrepreneurial education, tech development contacts and $20k grant funding as part of the ilab program to build the early stages of her Rumbl business.  Since then, she has continued her entrepreneurial journey supported by the Queensland and national startup eco-system including great support from Brisbane’s co-working space Little Tokyo 2.

A founder’s journey certainly comes with its challenges.  National and credible awards such as The Australian Innovation Challenge do bring visibility and prestige and are an important component to the eco-system.  In this instance, it is a very well deserved accolade.

So feel free to give Monica and her team a congrats on Rumbl’s facebook page.

Each year, between 30 – 40 % of all food produced in Australia is tossed in the trash. In a world of increasing food insecurity issues, coupled with a growing population, the question should not be ‘how do we produce more food?’, the question should be ‘how can we use what we have more efficiently’?
Rumbl is part of the answer.