Queensland Mentor Blaze – 7 Cities 400 Sessions 2 Hours

Queensland Mentor Blaze – 7 Cities 400 Sessions 2 Hours

Mentor Blaze goes Statewide

Come 10 September 2015, ilab’s Mentor Blaze will be spreading it wings.   Entrepreneurs and founders and anyone with a startup idea will be able to access intense quality startup mentoring, and not just in Brisbane but right across Queensland as Mentor Blaze goes statewide.   The is a unique event on the Australian startup calendar and will kick off the national Startup Spring Festival in Queensland.

In summary, Mentor Blaze facilitates:

  • 400 Mentor Sessions
  • across 7 different Queensland cities
  • in one 2 hour period
It will be run with the fantastic support of ilab in Brisbane, Innovation Centre on the Sunshine Coast, the Canvas Coworking Toowoomba, Startup Rockhampton, Startup Mackay, Startup Townsville and theSpace Cairns.


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So who attends?  Anyone looking for rapid and varied idea feedback should consider attending.  Attendees can come from anywhere – students with ideas, aspiring entrepreneurs, founders through to existing companies looking to test innovative models.

Who are the mentors?  Each site selects local mentors from a range of backgrounds – entrepreneurs, investors, expert service provides, co-working space owners, and other more experienced startup founders.

Cross state mentoring!  Attendees will be able to access mentors not just locally but in other locations as well.  One of the features of having this as a networked event is that some attendees from one site will be able to access mentors in another region using video links.

To not miss out, sign up and get more information at mentorblaze.com

A statewide Mentor Blaze achieves a range of goals.

  • Rapid idea feedback for attendees
  • Mentors and attendees are engaged in local startup spaces to grow the local ecosystems.
  • The linkages between sites help bring the regional and metropolitan startup groups and people together to create a broader network.

“This is a great event for anyone looking to road-test their new ideas with a number of experienced mentors.  The energy is intense and the concentration of mentors to mentees is really high. To be able to spread this mega mentor experience across the state and at the same bring new founders and local sponsors together in local regional eco-systems is a wonderful opportunity.  It is good example of Queensland’s very integrated approach to startup support, and gets folk experiencing the various startup spaces across the State.  Bernie Woodcroft, ilab Director, Organiser


What people say…
  • “Future looks bright with these vibrant start up entrepreneurs.”  Monte Huebsch, Mentor
  • “Mentor Blaze is like receiving a transfusion of pure enthusiasm”  Mike Avey, Investor Mentor
  • “Thank you very much for the experience. We look forward to moving forward.” Judy Clark, Mentee
  • “Mentor blaze is such a great opportunity to reach out, ask questions and make valuable connections – I recommend it to anyone thinking of, doing or involved in a start-up”  Simone Perkins, Founder
  • “A high energy whirlwind of insights and information in a blink of an eye, but so worth it.” Darren Howlin, Mentee
  • “A very worthwhile and extremely helpful event, great advice and input from the mentors and it was very well-organised – I would recommend it highly to any budding entrepreneurs.” Tristram Morgan
  • “Enriched after encountering so many brains under one roof!!!” Jack
  • “A great event that I would recommend to my colleagues. Thanks for organising !” Brad Parsons